Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Helpful Tagging Tips for Etsy Sellers

I created this post to share with my EtsyKids Team regional group.These are some things I've learned along the way that will hopefully help newer Etsy sellers label their items in a way to get more exposure. 

Each month, Etsy publishes a merchandising report that lists what is trending at that particular time. Treasury curators will choose items that fit the keywords in this report, because it maximizes the chance of their treasury being chosen for Etsy's front page. The items in these treasuries get tons of views! Even if your item doesn't make it to the front page, being featured in a treasury gives you lots of exposure. You can increase your chances of being chosen for a treasury by tagging your items with the keywords from the Etsy merchandising report (of course you need to make sure these words accurately describe your item).

I use all 13 tags in almost all of my listings. Make sure the colors of your item are tagged, because curators use a certain color theme in their treasuries. Be specific about the shade of the color if possible, especially if the color is mentioned in the Merchandising Report. For example, if your item is mustard yellow, or phlox purple, then tag those specific colors, don't just tag yellow or purple. Other things to tag are the season, any holidays or current trends that your item represents, possible recipients (boy, baby, woman etc), occasion (anniversary, birthday, new baby, etc) and anything else you can think of that accurately describes your item. You never know what random thing people will be looking for to curate a treasury. A personal example is a tie I have listed that is made of blue fabric with orange fish and there are small white bubbles. That item was just featured in a treasury today called "Babies and Bubbles". I'm glad I tagged "bubbles" even though it was not a significant part of the tie! Please note, you cannot use tags that describe a potential use for your item like "gift" or "stocking stuffer". (You CAN suggest these uses in the Description section of your listing).  For a complete list of the new tagging rules, click here.

The November merchandising report can be found here. The Pantone Color Trend Report for fall can be found here.

If you have any questions, please ask, and if you have any listings you need help tagging, post them here, and we can all give suggestions.


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