Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Shopping EtsyKids Style

Are you looking for a unique gift for the special children in your life? Are you sick of crappy plastic toys and sweatshop clothes from the box stores? Perhaps you want to buy a handmade gift and support a small business, but purchasing online makes you nervous.

Etsy is the solution to all of these problems! For those who may not be familiar with Etsy, it is a website where crafters and artisans sell their handmade products. Everything in Etsy is handmade, with the exception of vintage items and craft supplies. This is NOT your grandma's craft bazaar! Most of the items are very high quality, and there is a wide variety of items and crafting styles. You'll find clothing for all members of the family (yes, the pets too!), toys, jewelry, art and home decor. The crafting methods range from sewing, knitting, crocheting, wood-crafting, metalworking, graphic design, paper-crafting, painting and much more. Some of you are still hung up on the fact that I said most of the items are high quality. Yes, there are some items that are literally 2 pieces of trash hot-glued together. There are many strange and borderline pornographic things on Etsy. There is actually an entire website (and book) that is solely dedicated to pointing out all of the bizarre and trashy things on Etsy.

This is where EtsyKids comes to the rescue (well only for kids' items, you're on your own for the rest)! The EtsyKids Team is made up of over 600 different shops selling a variety of quality children's items. In order to be approved for membership, shops must have excellent feedback ratings, sell only family-friendly items and abide by the Etsy rules and regulations. Approved shops must also have been in business at least three months, stock a minimum of 10 children's items and actively participate within the team. This means that EtsyKids is made up only of shops who produce high quality products, have excellent customer satisfaction and are dedicated to the team and to their shops.

So go ahead and look here for some unique handmade gifts for your little ones this Christmas. You can also check out the EtsyKids blog to get to know the people behind the great products and to read fun articles and craft ideas.


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